Achieving your goal


House Hunting is extremely challenging. Coordination and the instinct to access at the right moment are crucial for success. Honrath House Hunters places great emphasis on intensive preparation and coordination with each individual client.
Together we follow a proven and efficient strategy.


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Let's get started

You would like to know for sure who takes care of you and your wishes so carefully? That's why we start with a personal, non-binding introduction. Honrath House Hunters is committed to reliable and trustworthy cooperation - right from the start. And this also includes a clear business relationship that gives you and us a reliable framework.

Experience has shown that finding your own personal, perfect Mallorca home takes several months. Therefore, the basis of our cooperation is an exclusive mandate with a term of several months as a rule. This clearly defines the search request you give Honrath House Hunters - as well as the corresponding remuneration and all other contractual conditions.


— Step 2

A dream takes shape

After you have decided on our service, we work out your personal search profile. Large parts of our questionnaire are individually prepared and optimized for each and every customer. Of course, we undertake to treat your data and information confidentially.

The questions serve to get to know you better and to get an exact idea of what your domicile in Mallorca should be like. In addition, during the course of the survey, aspects may emerge which you have not yet dealt with, but which can be decisive in order to achieve the best possible result: the realisation of your ideas.


— Step 3

The search begins

Once your comprehensive search profile has been created, our team will begin the real estate research and appraisal of the properties that make it into the pre-selection. This is the largest and most demanding part of our work. We search through the market according to your profile and filter out the best offers. For each property, we match a variety of aspects to your requirements: location, price, size and number of rooms, furnishings, any construction changes, surrounding infrastructure, etc. We inspect every property that might be suitable for you - including those that are not yet listed on the brokers' offer pages. We will only present you relevant properties for which we propose a further prompt inspection - now with you! Honrath House Hunters will not only introduce you to the domiciles themselves, but will also suggest possible changes if necessary and familiarise you with the respective surroundings.


— Step 4

Follow your instincts

You're spoilt for choice? Most of the time the final decision is easy. Since all properties that Honrath House Hunters presents to its clients have been extremely carefully pre-selected, it is often the impulse that ultimately makes the difference. Knowing that all relevant aspects have already been considered and weighed up, so you can be guided entirely by your intuition and emotions.


— Step 5

The happines of success

Together we have found your dream home. Now you certainly want to move in as soon as possible. We will be happy to put you in touch with experienced architects and craftsmen for any conversions or renovation work - as well as other services related to your new property. We will also give you tips and recommendations on request so that you can quickly settle into your new surroundings.

Honrath House Hunters is there for you.


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